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girls r gr8. they are all cute and stuff.

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facebook woop.

since im busy w/ classes, and you the whole we dont eve know what my gallbladder is doing business, it would be easier to reach me on fb.

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so i opened up a pigy bank (hey nat totally copying u sorry) and found one of those crushed penny things???? and its a twilight one for forks waashington.

… i dont recal ever going to forks

i mean we might have, because i do have a terrible memory. or my mom found it on the ground.

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Testing my luck and going to a transphobic church

Michail Pirgelis, ‘Kyvernitis’, 2010, original airplane part (outside shell wall), lacquer aluminum abraded, 178 x 137 x 30 cm

Stephanie Lee and Jung Doo Hyun by Hong Janghyun for Vogue Girl Korea November 2012
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bless those who understand what im saying in text messages when i dont even type all that i was gonna say
> johnathan texts me asking if im going to q art
>  thought it yped no, but have fun

> actually just put a frowny face and said and have fun.

i just what

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bruce nauman, “being is nothing”, 1993
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